Should I Go to Urgent Care or the ER for Dehydration?


Dehydration results from your body losing water or not replacing it and being unable to function normally. It can have a variety of causes and ranges from mild to severe. You may be able to treat dehydration at home, but sometimes, going to urgent care is essential. With severe dehydration, a trip to an ER … Continued

Can Urgent Care Refer You to a Specialist?


There are various reasons you may need to see a specialist after an acute or urgent medical illness or condition. The good news is that State Urgent Care can refer you to a specialist during your visit to be seen for both short and long-term care and recovery. Understanding the referral process is essential in … Continued

Three Types of Injuries You May Not Know to Visit Your Local Urgent Care for


‘Tis the season for unexpected sprains, strains and fractures. As winter weather continues to blanket much of the U.S., icy or slick pavement can turn a quick trip to the store into a trip to your local urgent care. Learn the differences between sprains, strains and fractures A sprain is an injury to a ligament, … Continued

Why Is My Cough Worse at Night? This Is What You Need to Understand


Having a cough can be annoying, but in some ways, it can help protect your body. Keep in mind that you cough to get rid of irritants such as mucus, germs, or dust from your throat and airways. If this process isn’t instantaneous, your body would have a hard time expelling these unwanted particles.  Of … Continued

‘Tis but a Flesh Wound: When to Go to the Doctor About a Cut


Nobody likes to imagine worst-case scenarios happening in real life, but accidents can happen to anyone. If you or a loved one ever gets a bad cut, learning how to assess the situation can help you figure out what needs to be done to treat the wound. Have you ever wondered how you can tell the … Continued

3 Things That Urgent Care X-Ray Results Can Reveal


On the outside, most of us look and feel happy and healthy. We go about our daily lives seemingly fine and looking better each day. Truth be told, most of us seem like we don’t need to visit a doctor’s office anytime soon. But what you see on the outside can be deceiving. Oftentimes, the … Continued

Flu vs Cold: What’s the Difference?


It’s time to stock up on tissues and chicken noodle soup. As the weather starts to cool, flu and cold season are blowing in, too. Regardless of the season, people get sick year-round. The common cold is often the top reason kids miss school. While adults get a cold two to three times a year, children … Continued

STD vs STI: Common Types, Symptoms, and Treatment


By the age of 25, one in two Americans will have contracted an STI. In 2017, there were 2,295,739 reported cases of STD diagnosis. These numbers differ, so what’s the difference between STD vs. STI? Considering the frequency of STI and STD occurrence, awareness is essential to your sexual health. Part of this awareness comes … Continued

Top 5 Common Injuries in Football and How to Avoid Them


The pre-season has the highest injury rate in the football world. No matter what level you’re playing at, there’s always a chance of getting injured. However, knowing the most common injuries in football can help you avoid them or know what to do when you’re facing one. Keep reading to learn more about the most … Continued