Why You Should Go to Urgent Care for Strep Throat

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Strep throat, with its unmistakable symptoms of sore throat and fever, is a common but often underestimated illness. It’s an ailment that can disrupt daily life, particularly for children and those in close-knit communities. But it stands out because it can be swiftly and accurately diagnosed through a simple test at your local urgent care facility.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss strep throat testing in more detail, including how they work and why they’re essential for treatment.

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What is Strep Throat?

Strep throat, or streptococcal pharyngitis, is a bacterial infection that primarily affects the throat and tonsils. The Group A Streptococcus bacterium causes it. Strep throat is a common condition, especially in children and teenagers, but it can affect people of all ages.

Strep throat is highly contagious and can spread through respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Diagnosing and treating strep throat promptly is essential to prevent complications and reduce the risk of spreading the infection to others.


Common symptoms of strep throat include:

  • A severe sore throat
  • High fever
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Swollen and red tonsils.
  • White patches or streaks of pus on the tonsils

Patients with strep throat may also experience swollen lymph nodes in the neck.


Strep throat is typically treated with antibiotics, most commonly penicillin or amoxicillin, to eliminate the bacteria causing the infection.

Pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen can help alleviate symptoms such as throat pain and fever.

Adequate rest and hydration are also essential for a speedy recovery.

To prevent the spread of the infection, individuals with strep throat should avoid close contact with others, especially until they have been on antibiotics for at least 24 hours.

Can Urgent Care Test for Strep Throat?

Yes, urgent care centers, including State Urgent Care, can test for strep throat.

Most centers have an on-site testing lab for quick and accurate diagnosis.

The most common test for strep throat is a rapid strep test. During this test, a healthcare provider will use a cotton swab to collect a sample from the back of your throat. The sample is then tested for the presence of Group A Streptococcus bacteria.

The rapid strep test provides results within minutes, allowing for a prompt diagnosis.

In some cases, if the rapid test is inconclusive, a throat culture may be taken and sent to a laboratory for further analysis to confirm the presence of the bacteria causing strep throat.

Can Urgent Care Prescribe Antibiotics for Strep Throat?

Yes, urgent care centers can prescribe antibiotics for strep throat. Healthcare providers at urgent care facilities are qualified to assess and diagnose various medical conditions, including strep throat.

If you are diagnosed with strep throat through a rapid strep test or a throat culture, you will be prescribed antibiotics to treat the infection.

It’s important to start the antibiotic treatment as soon as possible to relieve symptoms, prevent complications, and reduce the duration of the illness.

Be sure to follow the prescribed treatment regimen and complete the entire course of antibiotics, even if you start feeling better before finishing the medication. This helps eliminate all the bacteria, reducing the risk of recurrence or complications.

Should You Go to Urgent Care for Strep Throat?

Deciding on urgent care for strep throat depends on symptom severity and convenience. Choose urgent care if you have severe symptoms like throat pain, high fever, and daily life disruptions. They offer swift diagnosis, extended hours, and testing.

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