Cold Prevention: 5 Key Ways to Prevent the Common Cold

cold prevention


Every year, almost one in ten Americans suffer from a cold during the winter. The common cold affects so many of us each year, it can appear impossible to avoid.

But, there are quite a few tried and tested methods of cold prevention. Check out our 5 key ways for how to fight the common cold below.

1. Washing Your Hands Regularly 

A shocking 97 percent of Americans don’t wash their hands properly.

If you’re not thoroughly washing your hands with warm water and soap, you’re not getting rid of the bacteria on your hands.

This allows germs to spread from your hands to your mouth and quickly you’ll find that your ability to fight the common cold is weakened.

If you want to do one thing to prevent yourself from getting a cold, then you need to regularly wash your hands.

You may not always have access to water and soap. That’s why you could also carry around a bottle of hand sanitizer or wipes when you’re out.

2. Don’t Allow Your Stress to Get Out of Control

Americans are some of the most stressed people in the world. If life is getting you down, then the winter blues won’t help either.

When you’re suffering from chronic stress, you’ll find that your immune system isn’t quite as strong as normal. Therefore, you could be especially vulnerable to colds.

There are several ways to relieve stress. Take a winter vacation or meditate daily, whatever you have to do to fight stress.

3. Stay Physically Active With Plenty of Exercise

As the darker nights draw in, it’s difficult to force yourself to do physical exercise. But, it’s more important during the winter than at any other time of year.

Exercise improves your immune system and keeps your body strong and healthy through the holiday season. You can even workout indoors at the gym or do yoga in front of your television at home.

4. Go to Bed Early to Get Better Sleep 

When we don’t get enough shut-eye, we’re especially vulnerable to common colds. How can you fight off colds when you can barely stay awake during the daytime.

You may find that the cold weather disrupts your sleep. Just make sure you go to bed early and wake up at regular times.

5. Eat a Diet to Stay Healthy and Strong 

Your body requires a variety of foods to stay healthy and sickness free in the winter. There’s a reason why we should eat so many fruits and veggies in the cold.

Vitamin C can help to build up your immune system. That’s not only found in orange juice. It’s also in a bunch of other fruit and vegetables.

If you’re concerned that you’re not getting enough vitamins in the winter, you may consider taking supplements for your diet.

Follow Our Cold Prevention Tips to Stay Healthy

Our cold prevention tips can be the difference between you enjoying the holidays in a healthy condition and struggling through with a common cold.

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