5 Workout Tips for Beginners

Portrait of sport girl doing yoga stretching exercise on the violet yoga mat in the gym


Are you one of the 36% of Americans facing obesity?

Even if your goal isn’t to lose weight, but rather gain muscle and maintain a healthy weight, the perfect workout is hard to develop on your own.

Thankfully, we’ve gathered our resources to invite you to read our top 5 workout tips for beginners to find the perfect workout on your time.

Start your fitness journey to reap the benefits of physical activity by reading our top 5 tips.

1. Ask for Help

One of the biggest tips we can provide you with is to ask for help. If you haven’t already received an important wellness checkup, definitely consider visiting your doctor or urgent care clinic before you attempt any workout regimes.

Once you make it to the gym to begin your first workout, don’t feel intimidated by the gym staff. They are there to guide you through the whole gym experience. The staff wants to ensure that you feel safe and welcome, so they will love to show you around to find the right equipment for you to start a cardio session.

The staff on duty can also provide you with helpful knowledge such as membership payment plans. They can also tell you about their personal training offers that may help ease your gym anxiety with some one-on-one attention.

2. Find a Schedule to Have the Perfect Workout

If only working out was a one and done sort of thing. However, you need to maintain a schedule to see real results happening to your body. Once you commit your time and energy to spending an hour at the gym 2-3 times a week, you will form a habit in no time.

One of the most difficult things about the perfect workout is understanding the amount of time it takes to drop the pounds. Don’t have time to dedicate working out during the busy work week? Take your workouts to the weekend or do them at night to burn extra calories right before bed.

3. Eat Right

Even the best exercise in the world does not offset a poor diet. In fact, nutrition is really important!

What you consume and put in your body is actually a key component of your fitness journey. Choose the right foods to fuel your body for the long haul. Veggies and fruits are important in keeping you strong and healthy.

4. Start Out Slowly

Another tip for developing the perfect workout plan is to start off slowly. Jumping into the swing of working out a few times a week is not the easy on your body for the first few times you go. The gym will become a place where you nail your workouts over time, so starting out slow is essential to building up your muscles.

Don’t forget to warm-up before you decide to work out, too. If you do experience any injuries, you can stop by the Starkville Urgent Care Clinic to get checked out.

5. Understand That Every Body Is Different

What you will accomplish in a matter of months may take another person a week to master. That is true for all human bodies because we are all shaped and genetically coded differently.

Your body is unique, remember that. It will adapt to the slow changes made at the gym. As you develop your perfect workout routine, you must not compare your body to everyone else. Ignore the self-doubt and do what feels best for your body.

In Summary

Working out can be hard at first, but don’t give up on the first try. The perfect workout may just be a few exercises away!

If you need to see a nurse for any injuries associated with your workout, the friendly staff at Starkville Urgent Care will assist you.

Want the perfect workout but don’t know what to do first? Check out these workout tips every beginner should know!