3 Things That Urgent Care X-Ray Results Can Reveal

x-ray results


On the outside, most of us look and feel happy and healthy. We go about our daily lives seemingly fine and looking better each day. Truth be told, most of us seem like we don’t need to visit a doctor’s office anytime soon.

But what you see on the outside can be deceiving. Oftentimes, the most damaging of health problems start from inside of our bodies – and they usually go unnoticed.

How can you find out if you’re at risk? For starters, you can get an x-ray test and see what’s happening inside of your body and catch anything before it causes a severe problem. Read on to see what urgent care x-ray results can reveal.

X-Ray Results Can Show Hidden Infections

Sometimes one of the hardest things to detect is an in-body infection. In many cases, infections within the body can hide for weeks or even months, spreading without you even knowing it exists.

With an x-ray scan, you can find the problem before it’s too late. The x-ray will spot the abnormality in its earlier stages and the doctors will be able to map out a course of action to get rid of the problem.

You Can Find Potential Fractures

Have you ever felt a soreness or a cutting feeling in your foot or hands? You probably ignored it and kept going about your day, but if it was a fracture you could be making the injury worse.

To be on the safe side, get an x-ray done on the sore area at an urgent care office. It would allow you to see if there are any microfractures on the bone that you need to have fixed.

You Can Even Spot Arthritis and Osteoporosis

Do you feel as if your joints are tender or that your bones are not as strong as they used to be? If so, arthritis or osteoporosis may be to blame.

It’s almost impossible to spot arthritis and osteoporosis on the outside, and you won’t know that you have either of these problems until they are in their later stages – unless, of course, you get an X-Ray done beforehand.

Finding out about these problems early on can help your doctor to work quickly to offer a treatment plan before it becomes a difficult matter to handle.

For All of Your Urgent Care Needs

Now that you know what x-ray results can reveal about your health, you need to know what to do next to make sure you are in a healthy condition. We are the doctors that you can trust for your health needs.

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